Focus Areas

Technology Stack

We will start with your ecommerce platform, identifying if the platform is right for your business, how you are using the available features and what limiting factors you might be experiencing.

We will review all the other systems you use to fulfil orders and manage customers, how they are integrated (or not) with other systems. We will evaluate the server setup and configuration for all these systems and asses the ability to scale as your business grows.

Customer Experience

In addition to everything included in our checkout audit, we will also review the returns process.

Data Handling and Security

We will investigate how you are managing your data handling and security obligations and provide recommendations to minimise your risk to a data breach.

Investment & Technical Equity

We will analyse the return on investment you are achieving with your current ecommerce platform and asses areas of technical debt; further, we will identify where you are best placed to make investments into the future of your ecommerce technology.

Retail & EPOS*

If you have a physical retail presence and use EPOS you can take an optional add on for us to review these systems as well. This will include how well these integrate into your ecommerce business for services like click-and-collect.

What’s not included

We will not review your customer acquisition process, or review your technical and operations team members (inc. any 3rd party resource).

Why Commerce Labs

We are a small team of specialist ecommerce engineers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes, not a global consultancy. We’ve worked with a wide range of ecommerce businesses from all over the globe.

How it works

First, make an application for our audit we will make an initial review of your website and business and get in touch to discuss how the audit will best help your business.

You will need to appoint a product owner to be our key contact, who can, in most cases, answer questions that we have during the audit, or knows who to ask.

We will visit you for an initial 1-day on-site discovery meeting, we will want to meet your business leadership, through to you packing and dispatch team.

We will need access to your servers, ecommerce platform, analytics platform(s) and any other key systems you use.

It will take at least two to three weeks to collate and write your personal report.

The Package


A 1-day on-site discovery meeting to investigate all your systems and processes.

An audit of your homepage, navigation, on-site search, product details pages, product lists & filtering, checkout process, and mobile web user experience.

A full audit of your total technology stack including, ecommerce platform, stock & shipping management, customer relationship management, payments and accounting, and other third-party integrations

A detailed report with research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified user experience issue along with a proposed solution and 1–4 best practice examples from leading e-commerce businesses.

A 1-day on-site meeting where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the audit results and suggestions for improvements.

Starting from £8950+VAT

For a business based within 100 miles for London contact us for a quote outside this area. Already had the Commerce Labs Checkout Audit? We will discount this from the price.

Retail and EPOS Add-On


We will need to visit a retail location if this is different from where we meet you for the initial discovery day there will be additional travel charges.

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