Focus Areas

  • User testing (user tests completed across mobile, tablet and desktop for different journeys/objectives)

  • User journey analysis (review of the impact of current user journeys and how different pages/templates, navigation, prompts etc are impacting these)

  • Checkout audit

  • Review of all emails (transactional emails, triggered emails, account emails, marketing emails)

  • Review of product/merchant reviews

  • A detailed review of merchandising effectiveness (covering things like search, visual merchandising, use of product labels, up-sells / cross-sells etc)

  • Analytics review (review of how your analytics tracking could be improved to provide more insight)

  • Review of product positioning and promotions (how products are being positioned and promoted on the site)

  • A detailed review of all page templates

Why Commerce Labs

We are a small team of specialist ecommerce engineers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes, not a faceless consultancy. We’ve worked with a wide range of ecommerce businesses from all over the globe.

How it works

Submit an application, including a link to your website. We will review your website and let you know if we think the audit will deliver value to your business. Once agreed we will start the checkout review process, this will include a mystery purchase and return of an item from your website. When we have finished the audit and collated the results we will schedule a video conference call with you to review the results.

The Package

A full audit of your homepage, navigation, on-site search, product details pages, product lists & filtering, checkout process, and mobile web user experience.

detailed report with research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified user experience issue along with a proposed solution and 1–4 best practice examples from leading e-commerce sites.

2-hour video conference where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the audit results and suggestions for improvements.



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